Basis of the nature and supernatural abilities of Djinn and Scions and Dhampyrs

Basis of the nature and supernatural abilities of Djinn and Scions and Dhampyrs

The Djinn
Dark matter comprises 96% of the universe. The rest is baryonic matter or normal matter, the stuff we can see and interact with. We are made up of baryonic matter. However, dark matter is invisible. It is collisionless which means dark matter passes through baryonic matter leaving both unchanged. Dark matter is postulated to exist because we can detect its gravity. In fact, it provides the gravity that holds star and galaxies together.

What got me to thinking of Djinn as dark matter was an article that suggested that dark matter could be just as varied as baryonic matter. More exciting was that life—not as we know it—could exist. This stuck in my mind but not the article necessarily, but other articles have been written on the subject since that reference Lisa Randall’s discovery of a ‘dark matter disk’.

A article quoted Andrey Katz of Harvard University: “There is no good reason to assume that all the dark matter in the universe is built out of one type of particle." She goes on to write in journal Physical Review Letters, "The dark world might even be as diverse and interesting as the visible world." To be as diverse and as interesting as the visible world, could point to a different sort of life form. The Djinn perhaps?

I’m a fiction writer, so this was enough for me, but I found another article which made this application more exciting and possibly more plausible insofar as explaining the powers exhibited by Djinn, Scions, and Dhampyrs. An article on stated:

Traditionally physicists thought that the smallest particles in atoms were point like, that is, they looked like points. However recently discovered evidence suggest that the smallest particle is not point like, as previously thought, but rather a vibrating string of energy. But physicists also discovered that these strings need more than three spatial dimensions to vibrate in. Particularly they need six extra spatial dimensions. In all versions of String Theory there are 10 dimensions: "Time" plus the usual three spatial dimensions x,y,z (4 dimensions, our observable universe) plus six extra spatial dimensions making a total of ten dimensions (1 time + 9 spatial = 10 dimensions).

A six-dimensional creature. When imagining the sixth dimensions, scientists point out that from six dimensions, we can see the three and four (special) dimensions more completely and time is no longer linear as it is perceived by us. The novel “Flatlanders” explains this in a way that makes this idea easier to understand. In the following excerpt, it explains the difference between the second and third dimension:

One day, a sphere appears before the square. To the square, which can see only a slice of the sphere, the shape before him is that of a two-dimensional circle. The sphere has visited the square intent on making the square understand the three-dimensional world that he, the sphere, belongs to. He explains the notions of "above" and "below," which the square confuses with "forward" and "back." When the sphere passes through the plane of Flatland to show how he can move in three dimensions, the square sees only that the line he'd been observing gets shorter and shorter and then disappears. No matter what the sphere says or does, the square cannot comprehend a space other than the two-dimensional world that he knows.

In the sixth, theoretically, it is possible to see perspectives not perceivable form three dimensions. One could conceivably observe the planes of all possible worlds. Matt Williams summed it up on the website, Universe Today, “We would see a plane of possible worlds, where we could compare and position all the possible universes that start with the same initial conditions as this one (i.e. the Big Bang). In theory, if you could master the fifth and sixth dimension, you could travel back in time or go to different futures.” The Djinn from the perspective of the sixth dimension would see time as events all existing simultaneously.

Speaking of time, in the Scions of Darkness series, time is used as referential to determine speed and distance, etc. but it does not represent a directional plane Time is a numerical order of change which exists in a 3D space. Using the Minkowski model, time dimension is mathematically represented by an imaginary coordinate. All this is to say, time, in the context of these novels, is not the fourth dimension.

Djinn move and exist outside of 3 dimensions. Scions are interdimensional creatures with the ability to perceive the extra dimensions but they exist in the 3rd dimension. The Scion Thaddeus’ time travel trick in the prologue is cool. He must compose a mathematical calculation of the probable event “in the future”, he then has a Djinn transport him to that moment.
Scions and their offspring, Dhampyrs, being able to perceive the six dimensions are able to circumvent time to move at a faster speed (conceivably faster than light). However, their other supernatural abilities are balderdash—fiction, if you will--to lend credence to my creatures’ supernatural abilities, including mind reading and super human strength, etc.

(I have listed below articles that contain detailed scientific explanations. As a dilettante in matters of science, I have a limited capacity to understand the information in them well enough to convert into laymen’s terms. So, I rely on pop science sites for my information)

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