Good & Evil

Up Jumped the Devil

Iblis told her the story of how Lylith, the demon, left the darkness of the sixth realm to go to live in the dimension of light. She made herself flesh and bone and blood to be Adam’s mate.

Adam had loved her beauty but despised her dark soul. Her power frightened him, so he sent her away and chose another human as his mate. Such was the will of God, Adam believed. Adam, man, was given a mandate by God to rule over beasts of the Earth and over woman. And Eve, his new mate, docile, simple woman that she was, accepted this as truth.

How Iblis raged at the insult. He raged at the stupidity and hubris of man – that man in particular. He raged at Lylith’s despair.

He told Lola how he found them in the valley of the Mesopotamia where a garden

of green grasses and wildflowers grew. Iblis came upon the couple, blissful in their ignorance, convinced that from their own desires flowed the will of God. They sat beneath the pinnated branches of the Tamarind tree, listening to the dance of water over river rocks. Fruit hung like stones on the tree limbs, bending them with their weight. Adam stood and handed one fruit down to Eve and took another one for himself. Eve tore open the thick husk of the fruit to reveal the blood red pulp. The sight of red juices, spilling upon her breast, distracted Adam. He reached up again, to pluck another fruit, and he felt the branch slither beneath his fingers. He fell back, startled. Eve, seeing Adam’s alarm, jumped to her feet. She spilled the fruit that had been in her lap onto the ground.

They both stood mouths agape as they watched a fat boa slide down the trunk of the tree. The head touched the earth and became a pair of feet. And the body of the snake, splitting up the middle became two legs, long and muscular and the color of copper. His cock, a shade darker than the rest of him, dangled, long and fleshy and hooded, from a springy patch of black hair. The human form developing from the serpent grew into deeply etched pelvic muscles. The tail broadened and became rippled abs, a powerful chest and broad shoulders.

When the eyes of Eve and Adam finally traveled up the length of his body, past his corded neck, they looked into a face that was at once terrifying and beautiful. His wide fleshy mouth curved somewhere between a smirk and snarl as he looked down at the frightened couple with his black bottomless eyes.

Adam covered his manhood with his hands, ashamed at his inferiority. Eve, too,

felt shame, for her desire for this thing before her was unfamiliar and profound.

“A demon,” Adam breathed.

“As you will,” the deep bass of Iblis voice rumbled as he inclined his head in a bow.

“Why have you come?” asked Adam.

“Fear not. I come bearing a gift to celebrate your new union.”

“We want nothing from you,” the man answered.

“You’ll want this,” Iblis said. “Would you like to see the face of God?”

“Oh, yes!” said Eve, coming from behind Adam, showing herself to Iblis.

Iblis could see that this was something Adam wanted, but his pride kept him from saying it.

“This is a trick,” Adam said.

“This is truth.”

Iblis plucked two pieces of Tamarind fruit from the tree and held one in each hand. He looked down at them, his eyes glowing the deepest shade of blue. He handed out the pods, one to Adam and one to Eve. The woman tore into hers, eager to see the face of God. Reluctantly, Adam tore open the husk of his fruit and together they tasted of it. The bitterness caused them to screw up their faces.

“You have poisoned us, Demon!” Adam shouted.

“I have. And the poison you taste is the bitter truth.”

Iblis had given them all his knowledge of the world. It was the knowledge that even the djinn did not have for only Iblis had lived in Jannah. Only Iblis knew what the angels knew. What the humans tasted was the merism of tov wa-ra; good and evil, a single thing. The world, God, the creatures of darkness and of light, they were all tov wa-ra. They were everything, all that there was or ever will be. Seeing this, God became nothing, and the humans despaired.

“Then they knew the heartbreak of Lylith,” Iblis finished his story.


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